Headphone Quality

Headphones have been very popular in today’s generation, especially to the young ones. With it comes to headphones, there are a lot of sizes and shapes as well, it comes in different designs. There are four various types of headphones: On-Ear, Earbuds, In-Ear and as well as Over-Ear. These kinds of headphones has there own advantages and disadvantages. How would you differentiate headphones when it comes to quality? Since there are various kinds of headphones, which one best works for your depends on your listening habits and as well as preferences. For us to understand, we break down the headphone quality into sub-fields for further details. But before anything else, here are the top headphones for the year 2016:





   Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones RP-HJE120-K Dynamic Crystal Clear Sound, Ergonomic Comfort-Fit  $  4.6/5
   Bose QuiteComfort 25 Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling  $$$  4.8/5
   Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones  $$  4.6/5
   Bose 761529-0010 SoundSport Wireless Headphones  $$ 4.6/5
   AmazonBasics Lightweight On-Ear Headphones  $  4.3/5




Headphone Quality

One way to define the headphone quality is with the comfortability. When we say comfort, it is the ability of headphones to five a good listening experience to the headphone users. Which means, a headphone should not cause pain or soreness over time. Since comfort is considered subjective, the comfortableness of headphones now depends on the ability of the listeners to have the headphone that fits them.

Among the four types of headphones. Over-ear is the most favorable. It has the most comfortable design among the four. It is very easy to wear as well because it is usually well-added and does not give much tension to the user’s head. Unlike over-ear, the in-ear designs applies pressure to the user’s ear canal, depending on the listener.

Audio Quality


For headphones, having a good audio sound means having a good quality. Almost all of the types of headphones have the same audio quality. It will depend on the model of the headphones more than the type. However, out of the four types of headphones, a pair of earbuds have the better audio quality that the over-ear headphones. But generally, most of the times the audio quality can somehow be improve depending on the model, especially with the design. Headphones that has bigger drivers are said to produce better bass and gives spacious soundstage.

Volume Limit

Of course, headphones are all about sound. However, there is a need for control of volume for the user’s safety. A headphone quality should have a safe levels. Having it is an excellent feature for a headphone quality to have. If you are concerned with your own hearing, having volume-limiting headphones will be the right choice.

Headphone Audio Quality

Noise Isolation

In order for a headphone to be labeled as high quality, it must have a good isolation of noise. Noise isolating headphones can physically block external sounds in order for the user to hear the music he is listening.  The noise isolation lets the user isolate himself from outside world by canceling or blocking the ambient noise that travels through the sound. There is definitely noting more annoying than having to turn the volume up just toe hear your music more than the sound of your surroundings. In addition, having a noise isolating headphones will safe up more battery life and will definitely not require external power supply.

Headphones with noise isolation use material to have a barrier in between the ear of the user and as well as the sound in the surrounding. Since most of the headphones fit in the user’s canal, they are all noise isolating. However, if you really want to have a noise isolating headphones, you must prepare yourself for a higher price than the common headphones. This feature is the best for a headphone. But there is also a cheap way to cancel the noise, you might just have to put over-ear hearing protectors on your earbuds just to cancel out most of the noise.


Generally, most of the headphones which being sold at a higher price are made of high quality materials. Having good materials would mean that a headphone have the best durability. Not all headphones last the way you expected it to last. However, there are also people who still owns headphones from year 90’s and still works until now. Most of the time, when you buy a headphones from branded names, you are not just paying for the name; you are paying for the righted trusted quality.

Basically, if you buy a headphones for $25, it will not have the same quality as the $50. If you buy from a higher range that $50, say $70-90, you might be able to hear additional stuffs in your music and the durability is ensured with proper care. So, remember to be mindful of the materials being used to create the headphones for you to be able to have a long lasting headphones experience.

Headphone Durability


Most of the products that people opt to buy for are those which are portable. The portability is one of the headphone quality that people who are into music looks for. Who would want to carry bulk devices, right? Most of the people nowadays would opt for a more portable device to avoid hassle. That is why most of the headphone manufacturers today provides pouches or cases for the users.

Out of the four headphones, the most portable are the earbuds and as well as the in-ear. Those have smaller size which makes it very easy to carry in the bags or pockets. While the over-ear headphones are the bulkier type which occupies large space that all of the other types even if they can be folded for easier transport. Lastly, the on-ear headphones have variation of sizes but are still compact that the over-ear. It is also easier to carry the latter than the former.

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones with C

Headphone Quality Drivers

Generally, the most important component of a headphone is driver. These driver are responsible for turning the electrical signal into sound pressure or create the sound. Of course, there are different kinds of driver but most of them are primarily consist of voice coils diaphragm and as well as magnets. The components of headphones causes the diaphragm to vibrate producing the sound waves that the ear will be able to interpret as the sound.

The driver also indicates diaphragm’s driver. The headphone users have general rule: the larger the driver, the better sound. Headphones with larger driver tends to have better sound especially with the bass performance.

Headphone Drivers