Qualities of the Best Gaming Mouse 2017

The computer mouse is a very important medium for us to do various tasks in the computer. More importantly, it is our direct connection with the virtual world when playing games. Therefore finding the right gaming mouse is with utmost importance. Today, we’re gonna learn how the Qualities of the Best Gaming Mouse 2017. Let’s focus on the most important specifications to look for before buying one. But first, here’s our Top 5 Best Gaming Mice of 2017:





  VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse Optical Mice(Best Gaming Mouse 2017)  $$  4.5/5
   AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse with Nano Receiver  $  4.3/5
   Logitech M510 Wireless Large Mouse  $$  4.4/5
   AmazonBasics 3-Button USB Wired Mouse  $ 4.5/5
   Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse  $$  4.4/5

Factors that Affect A Gaming Mouse Quality

Gaming Mouse Quality

Its pretty obvious that the gaming mouse quality is one of the most important factors for serious gamers. Some of the most important factors in the Gaming Mouse Quality are the visual design, ergonomics, dots per inch, acceleration, durability, weight adjustment and cost efficiency. These all play into the quality and effectiveness of the gaming mouse. Now, let’s discuss about the FIRST Quality of the Best Gaming Mouse 2017.

#1 Visual Design

This is the first thing to consider when choosing a gaming mouse. A single look will tell us if it is a gaming mouse or just a usual one.

Gaming Mouse

Image 1: Gaming Mouse (Best Gaming Mouse 2017)

Image 2: Regular Mouse

Image 2: Regular Mouse

We may be attracted to its looks or may find the design weird but there’s a lot to choose from. There are lighted gaming mouse, wireless gaming mouse and more.

#2 Ergonomics

–The second most important Quality of the Best Gaming Mouse 2017. What’s more important is how a gaming mouse feels when we place our hand on it; or when we use it. A cool design makes us excited but a comfortable one increases our performance significantly. Gaming mouse ergonomics has been studied for years, and experts from trusted brands can ensure that it fits a gamer’s hand. There’s only one thing to do here, choose the design that you want! Now, design versus comfort is not a problem anymore because you can have them both.

image 3: Gaming mouse with a classic look that many players found more comfortable.

Image 3: Gaming Mouse with a classic look that many players are comfortable with

Image 4: Lighted gaming mouse with edgy design (Best Gaming Mouse 2017)

Image 4: Lighted Gaming Mouse with edgy design

#3 Dots per Inch

Well, it is not just our hands and the mouse that needs compatibility, our computers and mice too. There are options on how to connect your mouse to your computer; it can be wired or wireless. Connecting mouse to a computer is not the measure of its performance but DPI is. DPI (Dots per Inch) relates to the sensitivity of the mouse, the mouse detects how much you moved it and the mouse mirrors it on your computer screen. The better DPI means a smoother mouse movement. DPI is measured by number.

A gaming mouse can go as low as 100DPI and as high as 8000DPI. Lower DPI gives us more precise mouse movement because it has lower sensitivity on our hand movements. Higher DPI is useful for fast mouse movement because it will become more sensitive on our hand movements. This is usually good for wider computer monitors to keep our wrists from getting tired.

#4 Acceleration

Acceleration is the mouse’s ability to move quickly depending on how quick we move our hands. Don’t get confused of high DPI and acceleration. While high DPI responds to our slight hand movements, acceleration gets activated only when we want it to; and that is when we move of our hands suddenly. Take note that this is very important in fast paced gaming like First Person Shooter (FPS) games.

A mouse with no acceleration solely depends on DPI. This can’t be good because rapid mouse movement with high precision is very hard to achieve. It is not advisable to raise the mouse’s DPI very high because it will lose its precision but we can’t sacrifice its response speed. That is why acceleration is one specification we will be looking for in a gaming mouse. As I’ve said, a computer mouse lets us connect to the virtual world and the mouse’s acceleration brings our split-second reactions there.

#5 Durability

They say that a gaming mouse’s durability depends on its user; but it’s actually not. A quality gaming mouse can last more than two years, if the mouse falls on a concrete floor at an average of once a day. That sounds durable isn’t it? But if we are more careful than that, it can last an average of more than five years.

Considering that a gaming mouse have more than just click and scroll, keeping other buttons (such as DPI adjustments and side buttons) functional after hundreds of thousands of clicks is a serious thing. At the very least, it has more average click capacity than a normal mouse. That being said, we are not just paying to own a gaming mouse, but we are buying a more durable version of computer mouse. That can even be more cost saving than buying a dozen of regular mice once in five years.

#6 Weight Adjustment

Image 5: Gaming Mouse with Weights

Image 5: Gaming Mouse with Weights (Best Gaming Mouse 2017)

This is an additional factor that gamers are looking for. Most of us do not only play one game for a very long time. We even play a variety of games in one sitting or we also do other tasks on our computers. Some gaming mice include a selection of weight that can be inserted inside the mouse. Depending on our preferences, we may want to raise the mouse’s precision level by inserting weight into it. Or we may want to relax our wrists when doing other work by reducing the mouse’s weight. They say we can’t have it all. But this little tweak makes the mouse change its weight on our demand to adjust to our current game mode.

#7 Cost Efficiency

We want to have it all but the trade-off would be the gaming mouse’s price. At this point, we would be Googling the keywords “cheap gaming mouse”. To tell you honestly, there is no QUALITY cheap gaming mouse. It is always more priced than a regular mouse. After all, a gaming mouse outplays a regular one. What we want to concern ourselves about is if we are getting what we are paying for. A hundred-dollar gaming mouse is extravagant but below twenty is a quality-doubt. Forty to eighty dollars would be ideal. At that price range, we can encounter trusted brands at its efficient cost.

Qualities of the Best Gaming Mouse 2017 Conclusion

Usual computer mice do not have those features all at once. If they do have some of those features advertised, they are not for games and they cannot provide the satisfaction that a game can offer. After all, it is just a pointing device that lets the computer do its function.

A gaming mouse on the other hand is technically designed to outdo what a normal mouse does. It is carefully crafted to meet the demands of games and gamers. As games are becoming more sophisticated nowadays, we are also leveling up our handling skills and a good gear helps us achieve it. Mice have evolved and jam-packed with all those features. Now it’s up to us to look for those qualities that match our taste and needs.

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