BenQ 27-Inch Gaming Monitor – LED 1080p HD Monitor – 1ms Response Time for Ultra-Fast Console Gaming (RL2755HM) Review

The BenQ RL2755HM is the gaming monitor you have been waiting for. For the full experience of gaming with an ultra-fast response time, so you do not miss out on any images that your processors are trying to display, you can go with the best.

When you ask around about best gaming monitor manufacturers, BenQ is the constant in all of the responses and with a model such as the RL2755HM, it is easy to understand why this is the case.

You have a lot of features that you can get a less expensive price when you compare it to other products whose features are definitely downgraded massively.

You do not have to worry about the fact that BenQ offers the same high-end features for a lot less since they have a tried and tested record when it comes to being durable both in real life and when playing games with them.


  • 1ms monitor: Fast response time for ultra-smooth console gaming experience, console companion with no lag
  • Full HD monitor: 1080p monitor with RTS mode developed by professional gamers
  • Console gaming monitor: Black eQualizer provides visual clarity in dark scenes, display mode and smart scaling for quick screen size adjustment
  • Advanced 1080p monitor with ergonomic features: Low blue light and flicker-free technology for reduced eye strain
  • Pro gaming display with built-in speakers and a variety of input connectors, including D-sub, DVI-DL (Dual Link), HDMI x2, headphone jack, line in


With a 1ms monitor, you will definitely no longer experience any lag during your games with the RL2755HM.

Not only will this give you an advantage in trying to get the first shot in when you are playing your favorite first-person shooter, you also have the benefit of making sure that you get the first images as soon as they are refreshed through your processors.

This means that you have the advantage of seeing the data as soon as they are made available when you are playing in multiplayer games.

You no longer will have to deal with the lag through the Internet as well as through your hardware, thanks to the ultra-fast display of 1ms of this amazing gaming monitor.

The RL2755HM presents one of the best experiences you can get. You have a full high-definition display of 1080p. This means that you have a lot of detail and you can get as much texture resolution as possible out of all your favorite games.

If you are a RTS (real time strategy) player, then you are definitely going to benefit from the RTS mode which was developed by a team of professional gamers. Get your e-sports career on track by practicing with only the best gaming monitor available on the market right now.

The advanced systems such as the low blue light and flicker-free technology makes it easier for you to last longer when playing games due to the reduced strain that your eyes have to go through whenever you are playing your favorite games.


The RL2755HM is definitely not without its negatives. BenQ missed out on adding a few more USB jacks when they made this gaming monitor.

We get that they intended it for a console gaming experience, but they would have benefited from having a setup where the gaming monitor could be used on high end gaming PC setups, and other various rigs which would have been better off with an ultra-fast gaming monitor such as the RL2755HM by BenQ.


We give the BenQ RL2755HM a pass on some of the more minor mistakes that it did due to the fact that this reasonably priced gaming monitor offers you lots of features that a high-end monitor would consider innovative or groundbreaking.

You get a lot of things that you would have had to pay more for if you went with another brand. The thing with the RL2755HM and other BenQ products is that they are incredibly durable, so even if they are affordably priced, you can still get a lot out of them in the long run.