AOC G2460PF 24-Inch Free Sync Gaming LED Monitor, Full HD (1920 x 1080), 144hz, 1ms Review

The AOC G2460PF is one of the newest FreeSync gaming monitors that you can get on the market right now. It has a redraw feature for your screen of up to 144 times per second, which makes for an ultra-smooth experience for all of the images that you are going to see.

The professional grade and quality display gives you a 1ms rendering which is as quick as you can get with the current technology. A powerful gaming rig deserves a powerful gaming monitor and the AOC G2460PF is definitely the one you should go for.


  • 24″ Class LED Monitor (24″ Viewable) Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, 144hz response rate
  • AMD FreeSync technology provides the smoothest gaming experience
  • Brightness – 350 cd/m2, Dynamic Contrast Ratio – 80,000,000:1, Response Time – 1ms
  • Connectivity – VGA, DVI, HDMI w/MHL, Display Port, (4) USB, (1) USB hub, headphone jack
  • Wall mountable 100mm, speakers, height and swivel adjustable


The G2460PF is one of the best gaming monitors that we have so far seen. Playing your games and getting better at them will be effortless with this powerful gaming monitor. You have a 144Hz refresh rate which means that you have a gaming monitor that is 2.4x faster than your average display.

A higher frame rate means that you get to see those critical images so you can make sure that you see the enemy coming and popping up on the screen when they actually do and not after they beat you.

The G2460PF does not have any input lag or any sort of tearing with its display thanks to the AMD FreeSync Technology. The high performance solution that it presents to all of the gamers that use it, boosts the overall experience for any kind of gaming on any sort of gaming rig.

The FreeSync eliminates any kind of tearing or the stuttering that you would normally see when synchronizing using the GPU. This means that the frames displayed by the monitor are only done so when they are actually ready.

You are sure that all of the frames are refreshed as fast as possible so you are not late on any data that might be crucial for your win. With the G2460PF, compatibility is not an issue.

There are a slew of features which make this gaming monitor one of the most versatile on the market. You have VGA, Dual Link DVI, Display Port, HDMI-MHL and four USB 2.0 ports.

One is a fast charging port, one is an upstream USB port, the other is for fast charging as well if you need it on the side. Thanks to the MHL enabled HDMI connection, you can connect the monitor to your smart device so you can simultaneously charge and stream from your device’s storage without worrying about the content having to upload slowly through the monitor.


One of the things that the G2460PF lacked was making sure that the setup is not too bright. You can try your best, but this gaming monitor is either too bright or too dark—there is no middle ground.

Perhaps it was a setting mishap on the manufacturing department, but we could not get the monitor to be at a certain value that we needed it to be. It made playing games with bright or really dark surroundings barely fun.


If you are looking for a powerful gaming monitor, then you cannot go wrong with the AOC G2460PF. You have a lot of features that you can take advantage of and it is definitely one of the most versatile ones on the market right now.

You will not experience a downgrade due to the advanced features that this gaming monitor brings. Make sure that you upgrade to this one if you want your games to run as smooth as possible.

Not only will you be relaxing the tension on your eyes, you will definitely improve your playing skills as well, thanks to the fact that you are going to see your enemies a lot faster on the screen now.